Bread of Hope Outreach Ministries

And he said unto them,Go ye into all the world,
And preach the Gospel to every creature
Mark 16;15

   Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature

  Reaching the whole world with the gospel!  



                                       About this ministry

  This ministry was formed to reach the whole world for Christ.We are going into Churches and the streets to win souls for the kingdom.The heart beat of God is that no one should perish, That all should have eternal life. I share that same heart beat with our Heavenly Father. My desire is to soon own a tent and go from city to city, state to state, with the Saving,Healing,Delivering power of the Gospel of Christ. To let people in this world know there is a Savior and regardless of what they have done, there is one who Loved them and loves them so much that He gave his life for them. That one is Jesus! Ladies & Gentlemen  JESUS LOVES YOU!!  


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    Receive many greetings in the Lord. We are happy to inform you that through internet we have come to know you and your ministry which were so much interested about. After some d...

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